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Z1 Design Ltd. is based in the wild and beautiful "debatable lands" of north Cumbria, nestled between the Lake District and Hadrian's wall. Where sheep rustling and fighting between clans are both still going strong and the landscape is dotted with old mine workings, castles and treacherous bogs.

Our background is 20 years of design and manufacturing, but our real passions are gaming and 3D printing. Our aim is to combine the two as often and creatively as possible. Precinct 187 was a product of playing a favorite zombie based RPG and wanting some cool scenery to go with it. 

We can also occasionally be found in a rally car, on a surf board or up a mountain (not usually all at the same time though).

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Z1 Design Ltd

Unit 2, Centurion Court,

Townfoot ind. est.,


CA8 1SW.


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